About Mail A Letter

Mail A Letter’s mission is to provide individuals and organizations with inexpensive, expedient mailing options and facilitate the manual labor involved with small and large mailings alike. Mail A Letter offers an online solution to automate and streamline the letter writing process.

Cheaper than direct mail and other online mail services, we provide individual customer care and quality supplies. Mail A Letter is a mailing service that supplements the work of for-profit and non-profit organizations, virtual assistants, political activist and community groups - any business with mailing needs. Mail A Letter is useful for letter campaigns such as resumes and cover letters, legal documents, sales pitches, newsletters and press releases. Mail A Letter benefits military personnel, senior citizens & the disabled, expatriates, travelers, snail mail fans and pen pals who like to write letters from anywhere in the world. At Mail A Letter, registration and your mailbox account are free. Mail A Letter provides all materials and production and we will mail your letters at the United States Postal Service (the USPS, aka the Post Office) by the next business day.

We are constantly improving, enhancing and adding to our service. Write us a note and tell us what interests you, what you'd like to see on our site and how we can serve you better.

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