Mail A, easy and free registration.

Once you register, you can send a letter today! And, you will get your own free personal mailbox and address book.

Who uses Mail A Letter?
  • Business & virtual assistants: send important documents & announcements
  • Military personnel: send letters to family & friends
  • Senior citizens & the disabled: mail letters without leaving home
  • Expatriates: conduct business and keep in touch from overseas
  • Travelers: easily send travel updates without expensive airmail stamps
  • Fans of snail mail: send letters because letters are personal & caring
  • People who lead a paper-free existence: use Mail A Letter to reduce the clutter
Our online mail service will save you valuable time and money.
Discover first hand how we can serve you with your mailing needs.
Mail A Letter Accounts (choose one):
30 Day Free Trial
Free Sign up for a free basic account to access all available Mailing and Delivery services and maintain a personal mailbox and address book.
  • Free and available to all customers; no registration, setup or maintenance fees
  • 24 hour/7 days a week access
  • Personal and private MailBox & Address Book to store all your letters & contacts
  • Write, upload and preview all letters for confirmation and proofing
  • Address & Zip+4 look up
  • Mail A Letter Newsletter with discount offers, new feature, service and holiday notifications
$9.99/month. Includes all basic account features and access plus additional business services.
  • $9.99/month - 30 Day Free Trial
  • All Basic account features
  • Allows for multiple logins and multiple users
  • Use your company logo with return address on your envelope
  • Indefinite storage preserving all letters and maintaining all activity as long as your account remains open
  • Up to 7 years of storage in the event the account is closed
  • No fee to switch from a corporate account to a basic account
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