Mail A Letter FAQs

The answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Q. How do I use Mail A Letter?

Log in to your secure Mail A Letter account on the Login page. Write or upload a letter on the Compose page and supply the mailing address. Preview your letter and give final approval. Mail A Letter will print and mail the letter through the USPS to the address you provide. You can store your letters in your Mailbox and frequent contact addresses in your Address Book.

Additional ways to submit letters are through an API or via email. Contact Customer Support to request our API documentation and our email submission instructions.

Q. How much does the service cost?*

Registration and a Mail A Letter basic account are free. A corporate account is available for $9.99/month. To send a letter to an address in the United States, it's $1.99 for the 1st page, $0.39 each additional page.

Q. Do you mail internationally?

Yes. Mail A Letter will accept orders from anywhere in the world and send to any address in the world. Mail A Letter provides international mailing for a flat fee of $2.99 for the 1st page, $0.49 each additional page.

Q. What is included in a corporate account and how can I set one up

A corporate account provides extra services and features such as email submission, multiple logins, a full-color company logo on envelopes and indefinite storage. The fee is $9.99/month which you can cancel at anytime. You may set up a corporate account during registration or at anytime on your Account page

Q. Do you offer any special delivery services?*

Yes. We offer Express Mail delivery to addresses worldwide and we offer Certified Mail to US addresses. An electronic return receipt is automatic with the purchase of Certified Mail Service. We also offer Tracking for letters to US addresses; no return or mailing receipt is available with this tracking service.

Q. Can I add a return envelope? Is it stamped?

Yes, Mail A Letter provides a return envelope option. The cost includes first-class postage for US destinations. The address is the same as your return address. There is a check box on the Compose page to include a self-addressed return envelope. We use a white #9 size envelope that fits neatly, unfolded within the outer envelope.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?*

For the fastest payment service, Mail A Letter provides customers with a MailBank. Add funds to your MailBank with a VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card or PayPal. Mail A Letter also accepts payment for individual orders from VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and payment through PayPal. PayPal also allows you to write electronic checks or pay with a direct transfer from your bank account.

Q. Do you provide any discounts?

Yes. We provide a promotional code in every Mail A Letter Newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter on the Account page.

Q. What kind of documents can I send?

Statements, notifications, invoices, announcements, thank you letters, marketing promotions, renewal notices, data sheets, promotions, quotes, product data sheets, event notifications, investor relations, thank you letters, personal letters, etc… any paper that can be sent through US first class mail and complies with our Terms Of Use.

Q. Do you advertise Mail A Letter in my letters?

To respect your privacy, Mail A Letter does not place any advertisement on your letters or envelopes.

Q. When can I use this service?

Aside from scheduled downtimes for website maintenance, Mail A Letter is available 24 hours a day, every day.

Q. Is there a maximum or minimum number of letters allowed?

No limits. Please submit mailings of 500+ pieces on a Friday for posting on Monday.

Q. Can I mail the same letter to many people at once?

Yes. Compile or upload a mailing list of all the addresses in your Address Book and create a name for this list. Then on the Compose page, select this list when you want to use it for your letters.

Q. Can I do a mail merge for many personalized letters or invoices?

Yes. A mail merge is possible with our assistance at no extra charge. Once you’ve uploaded the merge document with the merge variables, contact Customer Support. We’ll import the recipients and additional variables, completing the merge and notify you when the letters are ready for your approval and payment.

Q. Can I set up an API with your service?

Yes. You can intergrate with our service from your server or website and submit documents to be mailed. Contact Customer Support and we will help you set up an API.

Q. Can I send my letters through email to mail?

Yes, with a corporate account. Contact Customer Support and we will send you detailed instructions on how to submit letters via email.

Q. What type of paper and envelopes do you use?*

Mail A Letter prints letters on white premium laser paper, 8.5in. x 11in., 20lb., 92 brightness which is both acid- and chlorine-free. Letters are enclosed in security tint #10 white business self-sealing envelopes (legal size) and we use white #9 envelopes for the Self-Addressed Return Envelope (SASE).

As an option, you may choose our ivory-colored fine linen paper and envelopes. You can use this high quality paper for a variety of printing needs: important business documents, letterheads, resumes, announcements, legal documents and more. Paper is 25% cotton, 8.5in. x 11in., watermarked, 24lb, and acid-free. Envelopes are #10 (legal size) and also 25% cotton giving your entire mailing that 'something extra'.

Q. Can I upload complete letters or add documents? Which data file formats are supported for uploads and attachments?

Yes, you can upload all or part of a letter on the Compose page, in the lower left hand box called "Attachments". We accept the following file formats: Adobe PDF (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.doc,.docx), HTML (.htm,.html), Rich Text format (.rtf) and text (.txt).

Q. Can I add a digital signature, images and/or photos to my letters?

Yes. Digital signatures, other images and photos are best displayed if you embed them into a document on your computer, and then upload that document in a format accepted by Mail A Letter. 

Q. Can I use my own letterhead?

Yes. Simply compose the letters on your computer using your letterhead and upload the complete document when ready on the Compose page. The documents you upload will have all the letterhead with fonts and colors which will then be printed for the mailings.

Q. If I write or upload a letter with specific color and fonts, will the letter be printed in the same color and fonts

Yes. Mail A Letter can print in black & white and in color. The colors and fonts (as well as language characters) you submit will be printed on the letter. Please note, the language options will be for the letter only, not the envelope, since all mailings originate in the USA.

Q. If I upload a letter with color images, will the letter be printed with the images in color?

Yes. All images are printed as provided.

Q. What address is used for the return address?

You provide the return address when you initially set up your account. To change your return address, go to Account in the upper left hand corner of the site. You may set up multiple return addresses with a Corporate Account.

Q. Can I add my company logo to the return address and specify the font for the envelope?

Yes. if you set up a corporate account, you have the option to place a full-color company logo in your return address. You may set up a corporate account on the Account page. Then you can upload your template envelope with the logo and fonts you wish to use for your return address. Please note, the foreign character options are not available on the envelope, since all mailings originate in the USA. 

Q. Can I preview my letter before it’s sent?

Yes. You can preview and amend the letter. Once you upload or write a letter on Compose, click "Save". Then you can preview the letter your Mailbox. Mail A Letter processes your order only after you have given approval on the Order page. This Order page is reached by clicking the "Mail" icon on Compose or next to letters in your Mailbox.

Q. What is the status of my order?

You can track the status of your order in your Mailbox. Letters written and uploaded are saved in "Draft" status. You can amend, change or delete letters in Draft status. Once you submit a letter for payment, the letter goes "In Production" status. At this point you cannot change or delete the letter. It is currently being printed and prepared for mailing. Once your letters are delivered to the post office and mailed, the status will change to "Mailed".

Q. What if I submit a letter for payment, it’s “In Production” and I need to change or delete the letter?

Immediately contact Customer Support directly to stop the order. If the letter has not been sent, we will place the letter back in Draft status so you can edit or delete the letter. We will also refund the order to your MailBank account at no fee. To resend the letter, you will need to submit the letter again for payment and we will process the order.

Q. When will my letter be mailed?

Letters are posted by the next business day. Letters submitted on Friday-Sunday will be mailed on the following Monday.

Q. What happens to returned letters

You provide the return address so the letter will be returned to you with a general post office explanation as to why it was returned.

Q. Is there any compensation or refund in case there is delay in USPS delivery or a returned letter?

No. Once a letter is in the possession of the USPS, Mail A Letter has no control over the delivery. The United States Post Office will return your letter to the address you provide as your return address.

Q. What do I do if I forget my password?

Click on the Forgot Login/Password link on the login page. This will take you to the Retrieve Password page. Enter the email address you provided during registration. Mail A Letter will send the password to your registered email address.

Q. What is the policy in terms of the information you collect (e-mail and mailing addresses)?

Mail A Letter takes your privacy very seriously. Mail A Letter does not sell or distribute any information which goes through our system. All information included in and pertaining to the letters is kept on a secure server. Visit our Privacy Statement page for complete details.

Q. Is the transfer of my information secure and will my information be protected?

Yes. Mail A Letter places the highest priority on security. The Mail A Letter server implements 128bit-SSL-certificate encryption for the transmissions between your computer and the server. This technique is used for bank transfers and is considered the safest on the market. You can recognize the secure server by the https:// designation in the address line and by the padlock symbol in the symbol line of your browser. Once a letter is posted it is secure as any other letter trusted to the United States Post Office. See the USPS policy at:

Q. How do I receive customer support?

Please contact us or find answers to your questions above on this FAQs page.

* Please visit our Pricing page for complete information.
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